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Are They The One? Single?

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Service Description

Are you in a relationship and want to know how you can improve your relationship? Whether it's with a partner or someone else that you Love. Getting to know your someone emotionally is essential to having a healthy balanced relationship and that is not by asking them a million questions like they are in an interrogation but by knowing the energy at which they are in and tend to sit in more. That is where I come in, I love to read numbers and sharing that special someone's Date of Birth or yours with me will allow me to tell you exactly what you or they struggle with on an emotional level, so you are able to be a support to yourself and them, having an understanding of how you and they feel, where the emotions are coming from and how you can respond over reacting so that your relationship can become one of more balance, understanding, compassion and unconditional Love. Are you single and wondering why that special one still hasn't appeared in your physical world yet? Sharing your Date of Birth with me will give me all the information I need to know where you are energetically and how you can continue walking throw life feeling optimistic about what is to come within your relationships. It can be really hard when you feel alone and like your always going to feel alone but that is only an illusion. As long as you have sent out for someone to come in then they will. If you keep attracting the same kind of people then this reading will help you to understand why you keep attracting these people and ways of moving beyond your old thought patterns around relationships so you are more focused on bringing in a relationship that fits in with who you are and what you want.

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48 hours notice before your scheduled time is required to receive a full refund for cancelled or rescheduled appointments

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