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Bridgitte standing in her garden with a very big smile on her face.


Life's mission is to assist in lifting the collective vibration.

Together we are stronger and shine brighter. 

Through personal growth, to becoming empowered, uplifted, enlightened and to embrace your true Self. To live Free of all that has been and to move in to your unknown potential of all that can be. To live the life you love and to love the life you live. 

My Story

My name is Bridgitte and I am an intuitive energy healer. 

I was born in London, UK to an English father and a Mauritian Mother. My family and I have been living in Spain for 12 years.

I have always been connected to spirit but didn't really understand the things I felt or saw. I have been seeing animals in the faces of people since I was a child yet never understood what I was seeing and nobody else seemed to see it so I thought of it as another weird thing about me. 

When I was a teenager I would put my hands beside my boyfriends head when he had a headache and his headaches would go, I knew I had a healing power but again I was never around anybody that knew anything about healing or spirituality even, to be able to understand enough about what I was doing. 

In 2006 I trained in Reiki, after a friend suggested it, saying that she felt that was what I was doing, healing people through energy. The course was really interesting and for sure felt extremely familiar to me. 

In 2016 I worked up the courage against my ego, to do an energy reading. I looked at a picture and wrote whatever it was that came to me. It ended up being an amazing reading, which gave me the courage to work my way through my entire phone contacts asking everybody if they would be interested in a reading and did readings on all those that were up for it. 

After exhausting my phone contacts, I started up a facebook group called Perfectly Imperfect SpiritualBridge which allowed me to practice reading in many different ways, using a picture of people, reading palms, wax, innate objects, using the animals I saw to interpret a persons energy and little by little my confidence grew. I experimented and really enjoyed the ability to explore different tools offering different types of messages although all still connecting to energy. 

A few years later I had developed my own deck of energy animal cards and after using them for a while I was divinely gifted with a message to use a standard deck of cards and given specific messages for them.

These cards over the years have helped to heal myself shedding away many layers of beliefs, ideas, insecurities and limiting mindsets. Not only am I healing myself but in healing myself I have helped thousands of people to heal also. 

Life has been a very interesting journey and at some points I am sure I would have described it as hardddddd but through each of my experiences I have found the understanding to move beyond the dark moments and find the light that is always there, just sometimes covered over by dark clouds.

Learning to grow from what feels like a nightmare has not been easy. As in everything in life it is a lesson that needs to be practised with consistency and determination. Whatever we want from life we can achieve but if our minds keep telling us we can't then we for sure won't. All we can do is start talking to ourselves in a way through love so little by little we grow to love ourselves and that starts the process of becoming a happier person.

I absolutely love connecting to energy. My Passion is to help you to see within you, Compassion, Love, Empowerment, Enlightenment, Wisdom and Understanding. Helping with the tools to start connecting with self to get out of the mental emancipation many of us have lived in and will continue to live in until we actually start to make changes towards our freedom. Lets all emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, BECOME EMPOWERED AND LIVE FREE FROM ALL THE RESTRAINTS WE PUT ON OURSELVES AND OTHERS.


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