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                            What is 2ruEgo Who Am I ?


2ruEgo Who Am I ? Is a self help workshop designed to connect to different ideas, understandings, beliefs and being able to move beyond your ego's limitations to seeing yourself in all your Glory and power. 

2ruEgo is everything I have used and practiced on my own journey, there are simple but extremely effective tools and there is no avoidance of self possible. There will be a point that you are able to stand and look at yourself in truth and love yourself in truth and that is exactly what this offers in bundles. 

Everything on offer here is what has been shown to me by the universe as a way to heal myself and learn how to use what I have been shown to help others to grow, blossom, shine, knowing and accepting all that you are with grace. 

2ruEgo is highly focused on recognising the ego and learning how to make it work for you.



Many of us go through life blaming and worrying about everything and anything but that is not going to lift us up, take us to our dreams or desires. 

If you are willing to put the energy, work and love into yourself, this is the workshop for you to come into your own.

Come along on this magical ride and see your life change before your very  eyes as you change from the inside out, radiating all that you truly are which is Love and Light. 

At the end of this workshop you will also have a basic understanding of how to read a standard deck of cards. 

This can be used for yourself, whenever you are feeling in need of some guidance a card can be pulled and you can also read others using them offering much needed guidance and healing.

This is an experience that will take you deep into yourself, it will reveal amazingly beautiful things about yourself in the process. 

If you have been asking for change and found yourself here, know the universe is conspiring to give you the best life you can experience. Let's work together to bring you closer to the person you have always dreamed of being. 

To get started with 2ruEgo Who Am I? here are a few links

We have services available to receive guidance and support should you feel that it would be useful to you.

Charm, Au

I have just completed the  2ruEgo Who Am I ? workshop. I absolutely am so grateful to Bridgitte, not only have we done our weekly team meetings and this has helped me so much, But the dynamics of the family and how to better gain life. 
Bridgitte Is passionate and understanding 
Thank you 🙏 couldn’t be anymore grateful for the time, effort and caring energy of you. You’ve helped me gain the bigger picture and allowed me to grow 

Leo Massa , NY

Miss Bridgitte is a very smart person. For the short time I've known her I already consider her special to me. Anything she may suggest I would highly recommend. I know my life has been better.

Merih, Es

By the end of the month I noticed a distinct shift in how I felt about my-self, my self conception. It was as if I had taken a  step up and out of a static and stagnant place. I felt a wholeness that had not been there before.  
The change was subtle but significant. A liberation. A disentanglement.
Thank you Bridgitte. You are brilliant and so generous. . What ever you are doing keep doing it because it is truly magical. 


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