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Your Happiness is always there!!!!

Something that Bridgitte hears a lot is when this or that happens I will be happy.

Happiness is something that is within each and everyone of us without even trying.

Why do you then not always feel happy?

The reason many of you suffer is because firstly you believe that you need something to complete your life, to make your life whole.

Secondly because you are so much in your head thinking about all that you feel is not going right that you have forgotten that within the journey are the biggest lessons and the objective is the reward for the work put into the journey.

If it's happiness you are looking for then why are you looking for something that is always in you, it isn't hiding.

Focus on the things that make you feel satisfied, happy, relaxed, free and flowing. If you have something in your life that feels horrible there is always the opposite of how you are seeing it so what is that ? What other way can you see it? How can you see it that it makes you completely change your ideas around what's going on and are able to move forward knowing this is happening for you, not to you.

Only the way we talk and feel about ourselves decides whether we connect to our happy or not so if it's happy you are looking for then talk with love and light to yourself, Give yourself the support, guidance, motivation you need to feel that happy you have and will always be.

Let go of the ego's voice of all that is wrong in your life and why you don't deserve better. This is emotions getting the better of you that are not serving you but are driving you into more and more self hatred.

Before you get out of bed each day give yourself some beautiful affirmations and set intentions for the amazing day you are going to have and throughout the day keep checking in with yourself that you are in a good place and feeling good.

Focus on all that you have and if you feel like you have nothing then connect more with what is truly important. You woke up breathing, seeing, hearing, talking, smelling, feeling. thinking, you were able to use your arms and legs to get out of bed and to make yourself breakfast and you even had food to make the breakfast, you get into your car or even the bus because you have money to pay for it and you are going to a job that is paying you for a service that enables you to pay those bills you are likely to be worrying about and it's a big cycle of finding every little thing in life to give thanks and gratitude as the vibration/energy being sent out of gratitude is one of love and all that you are being grateful for comes more and more and more, all that you are ungrateful for also comes more and more and more so do you want to be feeling grateful or ungrateful?

Which one do you think will bring feelings of happiness?

No-one can make you know your happy but you and the only way you will ever connect to it for a long term basis instead of momentary moments of happiness is by giving yourself the chatter you need to lift you up, empower you and that Loves you.

Decide to be the happy that you have always been.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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