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Where focus goes, energy flows!

For some reason unless we are expecting something wonderful to happen we struggle to believe that something wonderful can happen.

Where thoughts go energy flows so wouldn't it then make a whole heap of sense to focus on something wonderful happening in our lives. We don't even need to know what it is, surprises are great as well, especially when they make you feel great.

In any given moment our lives can offer us many wonderous things, emotion's, experiences, the only way we won't see them or know they are there is because we are lost in our own minds of all that isn't wonderous.

Your mind creates your world whether you choose to believe that or not.

Give yourself some little challenges, make a point to keep yourself in a vibration that you feel good, think of that amazing thought in the morning and listen to music, whatever it is that gets you into that mood of my world is amazing. When you are in that vibration pay attention to how your day goes. I am sure you may have even noticed this before you just weren't really thinking of it.

Many of you would have woken up grumpy and noticed that the day felt crappy, hard, annoying and frustrating.

When you wake up feeling amazing how does your day end up feeling to you then?

We see it so often within ourselves yet still we get lost in the thoughts that are not constructive to having amazing days all the days. we end up having rare wonderful days and loads of the heavy days.

It is all just from the thoughts that you are sending out so find your focus on all that is working in your life, it may only be one little thing that is working but focusing on that will help all the other things. If you focus on all the what is not working then life is just going to bring you so much more of that.

Where focus goes energy flows.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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