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What is Real?

In Every Human being their is the soul.

The soul knows all that is, it knows what you want, how to get it, where you need to be to get it, who you need to meet and where you need to be to also be a giver or a messenger.

The human part of us is not subject to such abilities, the human gets lost in emotions of what we are losing, what has been, how we feel, why did this happen, what's coming next. Humans have so many questions that they struggle to hear the soul with all the noise they are creating with the egoic mind.

The egoic mind will lead you to believe that what it tells you or how you perceive the world to be is real. That how we see the world is the only way to see the world. This is a lie the ego has you believe and this is not a truth but the biggest lie we as humans face.

The egoic mind will keep humans in fear mode for as long as it can and it is extremely clever manipulating what you as a human should do.

As long as the message is coming from the egoic mind it will be thinking about itself Me, Myself and I. It will create disconnections from others so you rely solely on it. It creates conflict, drama, jealousy, envy, anger, sadness, and will be aggressive either outwardly to others or inwardly towards you bullying you to keep you in check.

This voice has no intention of you ever being anything or doing anything and as long as you give it attention by focusing on the negative thoughts it delivers you, life will continue to be lived in a reality that cannot feel good.

The soul offers the voice of love, clarity, focus, connections and kindness, it offers everything you need to lift and elevate you but if you have the headphones on listening to the egoic mind you won't be able to hear the soul.

Listening to your soul will provide you with all you need but that can only happen when you take the headphones off.

Happy listening and stepping into a new reality.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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