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Think Happy!

So many of you feel when I get my partner I'll be happy, when I get my house I'll be happy, when I get pregnant I will be happy.

The amazing thing is that yes you may be happy once you receive these things but if you take a look back through your history how sustaining is that happiness?

When you got the house how long was it before you needed something else to make you happy, when you got the dream job how long before it wasn't quite dream anymore?

You can go through life believing that things make you happy but then without those things where is your happiness?

Does it disappear? Where does it go? Why does it disappear?

It hasn't gone anywhere, Happiness is inside of you at all times, the only thing that stops you from connecting to that or feeling it is the Ego.

With all of its negative chatter of how everything is rubbish in your life unless you're exactly where you need to be.

You are born happy, you grow happy until your experiences teach you that there are different emotions.

The thing is these emotions can make us feel that we are not happy but is that a truth or an illusion the ego creates for us, making us believe we need something to make us happy.

Happiness is what creates happiness, once you feel happiness within happiness then spreads to everything within your life.

If you sit around waiting for something to make you happy then you will be sitting and waiting and waiting and then when it finally comes it feels like its gone as the happiness is never sustainable when you need something to create the happy.

Happiness isn't created it just is, the same as love. They just are and they are within each and everyone of you.

Focus more on all that makes you feel amazing and watch your world turn into something amazing. Stop waiting for happiness and embrace the happiness that you already are. Let go of the Ego with all of its fears and get to know all that you are in your purest form, love and light.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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