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The first decision of the day!!

Every single morning when you wake up you get to live in a world like no other.

What stops this from being your reality?

Your ideas around your reality!!

Each and every one of us wake up each day either starting the day afresh with all the promise of the most beautiful magical day or starting the day reliving all that has been in negatives from yesterday, the day before or whenever but it will always be from a past experience.

Let's start the day even before opening your eyes knowing that you have taken a breath, that life is amazing and that this is a day of abundance, potential and opportunity.

To start the day where your only focus is that this is going to be a beautiful day full of love and kindness, laughter and fun.

To focus on all those you love also waking up this morning giving gratitude for that.

This kind of day does not mean that there is not the potential of feeling unhappy at some point but once you focus on all that is amazing the chances are slimmer and not just that but if something were to happen being in an energy of high vibration (Happiness) you are more likely to move beyond what you could consider to be a problem because your energy is higher so doesn't respond to lower energy situations in the same way.

When you wake up and your first thoughts are all that went wrong yesterday, then all your really expecting is all that could go wrong today.

Which one makes sense, waking up giving gratitude or reliving yesterday?

Only you have the control to dictate which type of day you would like to have and unless you take the time at the beginning of the day to think of the things that give you pleasure your day will be predicted by your mind not by conscious thoughts.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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