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Taking the first step!

4 years ago a friend of mine brought me back a magazine from the UK to Spain where I live. While reading through the magazine I came across an article about a girl that was feeling the energy of spirits around her and how it really affected her moods. The story hit home on such a personal level with me that I actually decided to go and join her Facebook group to learn more. I joined the group and was invisible for around a month, to shy to say anything and not confident in any which way or form to think anything I had to say would be worth something. Until one day there was a picture that had been posted to do a reading for someone on a passed over relative. I sat there looking at this picture debating on whether I could do a reading or not. I had never read someone consciously and was terrified of not connecting and none of it making sense. A good few hours passed with me in my head going over should I or shouldn't I, repeatedly in my head getting me more and more nervous until finally I decided well if I don't connect in any way what have I really lost, so I sat down and did the reading. I waited for allllllll day for the response, soooooooo anxious of what it would say. The feedback came quite late but it was wonderful feedback, It gave me enough to believe I had connected well and lead me to want to practice some more. I ended up calling all of my friends and asking if they would like readings done.

Without taking that first step and doing that first reading I am not sure I would be here today.

Overcoming my fear and taking that step to do the first reading was really hard, it was such an inner battle and either side had the potential of winning.

The only thing that made me take the action to do the reading was if I don't do it I am none the wiser of whether I have potential or not and if I do it I will know either way. Not taking action has shown me that we cannot progress without making certain decisions to grow.

This is not comfortable and I, like so many others love to be in a comfortable position but at the same time I refuse to be stagnant.

Making that decision to do that first reading is one of the best decisions of my life because it has lead me to serve and live my passion which I had no idea of what that was before taking the action.

Don't let fears stop you from discovering more about yourself and the life you could potentially live. Don't be that person that does everything in your power to keep yourself stagnant and lost in a world where you are to fearful to move. Life is all about change and movement, without actions we don't really know the next steps so if you do anything today make it worth something towards the rest of your life.

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