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Stop waiting for change and be the change!

In every day that passes you get to decide to be all that you desire to be.

When the noises of your mind are telling you how crap you are and how you can't do anything right, you get the opportunity to answer it back with I know you are scared but we are going to be alright, we can do this and all you need to do is trust me and all will be well.

What tends to happen is the mind starts talking all of what it is not satisfied with and then all thoughts leading from there will continue on the same line as my life is lacking and so am I.

When you hear the words and counteract them with love and support you are telling yourself that you are good enough, strong enough, kind enough, loving enough and that you are all that you need to be to move on in life. You are giving the fearful part of you compassion and offering support.

Humans bully themselves so much that it is something that unless you acknowledge you are doing it your life is going to be run by your own fears, whether they are truly your fears or not as many of the fears we deal with were passed on to us by someone else's fears..

Let go of who you believe yourself to be and even who you believe others to be, let go of your beliefs in yourself of unworthiness as each and every one on this planet is equal, there is no separation, only the separation you decide there to be.

As long as you feel separate you will always be comparing yourself to others and no other is you, no other can ever be a better version of you as you were made in perfection whether you see it in you or not it is who and what you are.

Know that you are all you need to be and move beyond those fearful thoughts that will hold you in stagnancy when everything about you is asking for change.

Stop waiting for the change to come and be the change.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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