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Shine Shine your light!

So many walk around with masks on, thoughts going round and round in the mind but never any action taken towards those thoughts.

Worrying what others will think, feel, say, react to anything you may say or do.

As long as you can not be yourself there's this feeling of walking on egg shells and needing to walk as delicate as possible because you don't want any of the egg shells to break. If you are walking on egg shells though then you must also be anxious, nervous, uptight, aggressive either to yourself or externally, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, jealous, envious and of course you would.

How could you not?

When your seeing everyone around you looking like they are living their best lives and you know that the life your living resembles nothing at all in line with what goes on in your head and desires.

You were sent here to live your life, to enjoy, explore, and most of all to be the love that you are.

The ego likes to get heavily involved and makes you feel that you aren't good enough or that being yourself means you lose to much but in not being yourself you are losing yourself each day and there is nothing more or should be nothing more important to you than you.

Being true to you is where your magic lies.

Allow your inner flame to blaze and shine on all to see, don't be afraid of your light.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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