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Shine, Shine your light!

Oh how simple it is to go through life always feeling like that dark cloud is hoovering overhead and it is just refusing to leave.

The thing is that even with that big black cloud there, the sun is always just on the other side, it hasn't gone anywhere. It's there always shining.

That dark cloud can be there pouring of rain but does that mean we need to hide away afraid scared of getting wet or struck by lightening?

Going out in the rain can actually be a really liberating feeling which we knew when we were children but adults somewhere along the line forgot about that.

Our sun is there always and it is always shining despite what is going on in our lives at any given moment. The only thing that stops us from sharing the light is when we believe we have no light to share. When all we see is the darkness of the clouds so disconnect even more to create an even darker cloud.

Light is love and if light is always there then love is always there. They are one and the same as you are one in the same love and light.

Don't let a passing cloud confuse you from who you are, don't let it lead you to believe that it will always be the same situation as clouds are never there forever. they are transient exactly the same as us. Light however is limitless, love is limitless, life is limitless.

Again don't allow the passing clouds to confuse you, you are light, you have always been light and you will always be light.

Use the clouds to help you know what you need to work on, if a heavy cloud is there and your feeling down then that is a great time to practice thinking of the things within your life that are shining light because at no time in our lives are we without light.

Shine, Shine your Light

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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