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Seeing your thoughts!

This morning Bridgitte went out for her morning walk along the beach with a friend. She had a lovely time as always being in nature with the sun rising. An hour later she returns home says hey to the family now they are awake and makes herself some breakfast, rolls up a ciggy and then goes and sits on the porch. She puts on a recording of a live which was all about when you are around other people and you start to get these inner feelings of anger, annoyance and so forth. She finishes her Ciggy and goes to lay down on her bed while she listens to the recording.

At some point she thinks of her husband, he was painting the house yesterday and his painting again today, her daughters are busy but they are always coming in to show her something. So she had this moment of is this the right thing for her to be doing? shouldn't she be helping her husband? doing something with the kids? keeping them occupied?

Then she thinks of what she is doing and how listening to this audio feels really good to her. So she questions herself on how she feels about not helping her husband, she decides that she feels guilty and the same for not doing something with the children.

So the thought moved further to so if you are enjoying this moment of time why would you want to spoil it by finding things to focus on that make you feel something that is false, like guilt?

The guilt is coming from herself making her feel she isn't doing enough but that's all about doing enough for others. Her thoughts led to but what about me, don't I also deserve time to do what feels right to me for me. Don't I deserve to have moments that I get to be where I want to be doing what I want to be doing without having to worry about how or what others feel about it.

The funniest thing is the chances that they are even thinking about what she is doing is minimal. Her worrying about what she thinks they will think about what she is doing. God can you see how confusing that is lol.

The amazing thing about all of this was the thoughts that were coming to Bridgitte were being answered within the live recording Bridgitte was listening to.

The battles most humans will experience will be with themselves and all the noise of whether what they are doing is right or wrong.

The voice of fear will always poke it's head in and offer you a choice along with what the soul wants.

It's entirely up to you with which voice you choice to listen to within you.

Love and trust yourself, give to yourself, believe in your worth and believe in what you are doing at any given time. You are growing and learning from it and that's all you can ask for to continue the journey and blossom.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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