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Resist the temptation to scratch!

You know when you have a scab and keep touching and picking at it the healing process takes a whole load longer. The scab will keep coming off before the healing process has finished, leaving you starting back at the beginning again and then questioning, but why isn't it getting better? There must be something wrong with me? or Maybe I should get it checked out?

Well that situation is relevant in all areas of your life. You have something that is troubling you, you keep thinking and thinking about it hoping for it to become clearer and clearer but at the end of the day it always end up feeling like you haven't gotten anywhere always starting at the beginning.

If you keep replaying what has been then you are picking at those old wounds and you know the more you pick at a wound the more it hurts and the more likely it is to become infected.

What has been has been, can not change and will not change. The only thing that allows you to stop picking at that wound is to let it go, give it what it needs, keep it clean, trust that your body knows what it is doing and allow it to do what it does best and heal itself.

Your mind is the same as a wound for your mind, many wounds are held in the form of memories, if you keep going back to memories that don't serve you essentially, you are picking at old wounds and this can also lead to the body falling sick as when the mind is trying to control what is happening, how it should happen, when it should happen it has taken all control away from the thing that gives it all and that is the body and the energy that flows through the body. Once the mind is busy with emotions of experiences that don't feel good you are giving total control to your fears and have let go of everything else but fear.

The fears will keep you in a short term mindset of like the scab this is annoying me or itching me so let me react which is when the scab falls off and you have to start again.

The other option is to feel the itching know its there but to move beyond it knowing that time is what is needed and as long as you give the required time all things will heal and become that much stronger in the process.

Resist the temptation to scratch all the itching you feel.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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