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Reality or Illusion?

You know the saying one mans rubbish is another mans riches well how is that possible?

It's possible because we don't all see in the same way, what one person sees as rubbish the other sees as something to work with,

What you believe to be amazing only needs you to believe it to make it just that, amazing.

If you are waiting for others to see what you see then you could be waiting forever as we all see through different eyes believing different things based on our own individual experiences and ideas.

Your ideas are unique to you and deserve the energy and attention that you can give to them despite others fears around what you would like to do, even despite your own fears even more so of what you want to do.

You are amazing as you are and have so much to offer, the only reason you won't see it is because you're not looking at yourself through your own eyes of your soul but through your emotions that dictate you are not good enough.

To grow and learn you have to be able to accept yourself and see yourself as you truly are, letting go of all the false ideas you have created of yourself.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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