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Bridgitte is understanding more and more that the only limitations she has ever experienced have been from her own mind of what she believed she could or couldn't do.

She has struggled her whole life with confidence so would put effort in to things but never believed she would complete it perfectly, so she would always give up before she had finished so there wasn't the chance to remind herself of how much of a failure she was.

She would get into her head with her Ego telling her that she would never be anyone, she would never achieve anything because she couldn't do anything right. This self chatter would eat away at her and would pull out any confidence that thought of growing inside her.

She never really put herself out there, always afraid of what others thought of her, worrying would they see how rubbish she is, how stupid she is, would they see that she wasn't good enough.

Bridgitte lived in this place of listening to the Egos voice for sooooooo many years that it was the voice that she trusted, the one that she knew so well and that she felt wouldn't lie to her, that it would tell her only truths and that it was protecting her from getting hurt. Over the last few years Bridgitte has realised that the voice she put so much trust in to, was not in fact speaking truths to her at all but all of her fears. It bombarded her with lies that were to keep her feeling and being exactly who she believed she was, not wanting any change to happen. She realised that she was living in the illusion of her Ego.

The Ego wants to protect itself, it does a really amazing job of that, if you don't ever want to change, if you want to become stagnant, if you want to continue to live the same way for the rest of your life then Ego is def the voice to follow. This will always be the safest option as life will look very much like it always has.

In letting go of the Ego's voice Bridgitte now realises she can do anything she pleases to do, she can go as far as she wants, she can achieve all she has ever dreamed of and the only thing ever stopping her was herself and her Ego mind that told her otherwise.

You can do anything you put effort into, not saying it's easy but living life struggling is also not easy so the question then is, after the struggle which one shines brighter. Which voice leads you to the top of the mountain and which one has you there stuck halfway up to fearful to take another step.

Life is all about steps and it's in taking them that life evolves into all possibilities.

You have the strength to overcome anything and that starts with overcoming yourself first.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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