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No-one can make you feel!

Something that is said often in Bridgitte's household is No-one can make you feel anything.

Recently Bridgitte has encountered many experiences of putting this to the test. When these feelings start to arise that don't radiate a peace within her she is shutting herself off from everything for a few seconds to bring herself back to who she is, in her mind she is saying We are love, We are peace, breathhhhhh.

For many many years Bridgitte had been a victim to her own insecurities and fears. This meant that she always had the feeling that everyone was against her. She would take what others said as I am better than you. I am worthier than you, more beautiful, intelligent, romantic, friendlier, girly and the list just goes on and on and on and on and on and on. It just doesn't stop because once she started on that journey of listening to her fearful voice it gave her more and more to be fearful of.

She now realises that it was her insecurities that were causing all of the voices and all of the resistance in moving forward or anyway actually outside of what she had known already.

She allowed herself to get pulled into situations that she knew were of no benefit to her but her need to prove herself right was always at the forefront of her mind as she believed everyone else thought she was a load of rubbish at anything and everything so she had to prove that she could be right no?

Many of her actions were dictated by this idea that others didn't believe in her until one day she realised that it doesn't matter what other people really think and most of the time when we think they are thinking something about us they aren't. She put so much focus into believing she wasn't good enough by other peoples standards.

She has learnt since that she didn't love herself, she didn't believe in herself or even really know herself.

She saw herself through the eyes of how she believed others were seeing her which was all based on using her imagination of what she believed was someone else's thoughts, how crazy is that?

When Bridgitte came to all these realisations her life changed. It became quieter both in her mind and in her physical world,

Now for the first time in her life Bridgitte truly feels in control and the funniest thing is that she has now given up all control.

Allow yourself to flow, see yourself through the eyes of all those that love you and ask yourself why would they love me so much if I were the person I believe myself to be?

You are in charge of your life, your emotions and your feelings. Know you are perfectly imperfect, shine in all your authenticity allowing yourself to be just that yourself.

As I started with no-one can make you feel anything remember that. They can only make you feel that which you already feel, know that the feeling isn't coming from them but from you.


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