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No More Tomorrow's!!!

Life is and has always been about the journey, if you are always waiting for tomorrow you are wasting yet another day of this beautiful existence you get to be an amazing part of.

If you are waiting for tomorrow you will always be waiting for tomorrow as once one goal is set and filled the next one will be and if you can only feel the satisfaction once you have reached the goal it is going to be a hard, long, stressful journey getting there as anything that comes your way you will view as an obstacle rather than a stepping stone.

Can you imagine having a garden and from the seed being planted the next stage was a blossomed flower, how amazing would that feel?

The whole journey of the bud, the opening, the blossoming is all part of the beautiful journey of a flower and without that process a flower wouldn't seem as beautiful as it is.

We could use a butterfly also, without going through the journey of the caterpillar and cocoon we wouldn't enjoy the butterfly quite as much as if it came out of an egg without having to go through that journey to become the butterfly.

Thinking about that now it all feels really boring, it's like ok I'm here now, now what?

The journey is where you learn the lessons to take you beyond.

The journey is where you learn the skills to connect to yourself and to all that is Love.

The journey is where you get to distinguish between the voices within and which one is truly serving you.

Through the journey you are becoming exactly who you need to be to reach your goals.

Trust in the process and it will be yours, no more tomorrow's, let's start today.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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