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Music is Life!

Music is so powerful to create emotion.

Bridgitte has for sure experienced heartache and recalls the times she sang her heart out to Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton, she would balls her eyes out singing this song. Her whole focus was on what she had lost and how she still wanted it and how life would never look the same again without this person or thing.

Bridgitte has also listened to music where it offers empowerment, Bob Marley's Redemption Song is one of those songs for her. She has listened to it many times since being a child and as she has grown the song has grown with her, the level of understanding and the power that it provides from the words have encouraged, uplifted and inspired her on so many level that she now feels fearless moving forward having emancipated herself from mental slavery.

Music has the power to create whatever emotions you are wanting to promote, if you're feeling sad and want to embrace that feeling then there are a million songs to fit and that goes the same for happy songs, excited songs or relaxing songs.

Not only can we follow the way we are feeling at that moment with music but it also has the potential to change the emotions you are feeling, so if you are feeling sad but have had enough of feeling miserable and have decided that it's enough already, your crying but there aren't even any more tears falling because you have run dry having cried them all out. That's the time to put on the music that lifts your vibration, your soul is calling for change and if another sad song goes on you keep yourself in low vibration but when you listen to your soul and switch it to a more uplifting, reflective song you start to feel better. You stop asking why me, whyyyyyy, you start asking what's next, what amazing things, experiences or people do I have to look forward to now because don't you know that when one door closes another one opens as Bob Marley would say.

Use the music you need at any given time to help you heal. Listen to it, feel it, release it. Music is a wonderful cleanser if you allow it to be.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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