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Moments to Cherish!!

A few days ago Bridgitte was writing in her gratitude journey about how her 2 daughters had asked to help to cook dinner and then later in the day they had all played a game together. As Bridgitte was writing in her journal she realised that at some point in time the moments created that day would be moments that she would come to cherish.

When Bridgitte's daughters approached her to ask mummy can we help you cook dinner today, Bridgitte really wanted to say No not today but she thought well they want to help, there isn't any rush and they will learn so let them help.

Later in the day Bridgitte had just sat down on the sofa with the tv remote in hand when one of her daughters says mummy can we play a game.

Bridgitte's first thought was ohhh whhhyyyyy can't I just be, Then the next thought was ok why not, the tv will be there when we finish playing so let's go.

They ended up playing the game 3 times, enjoying the time and having fun together.

On both of these occasions if Bridgitte had gone with her initial thought there would have been no moments to cherish for the future.

There would have been no practice of them cooking and singing in the kitchen together. If Bridgitte had said no when they had asked to help cook they would have gone off with the hump that she had said no and they would very likely have ended up arguing about something because they wouldn't have known what to do with themselves. Bridgitte would have felt guilty that she had said no even though she may have wanted to be alone she would have felt bad that she hadn't wanted their company especially when they are asking to help.

Bridgitte is realising that her daughters are teaching her a big lesson of being able to accept help and also in how important it is to see the moments when they are there that you get to spend time with those you love as time is not standing still and in each and every moment that we do get to share with loved ones to make the most of them.

If Bridgitte had said no to the game and just put the tv on they would have all sat there together watching the tv but there wouldn't have been the fun and laughter, the interactions that came with playing the game.

She is understanding so much more now that to spend time with her children is something that should bring joy, should be creating magical moments where you just get to share fun and laughter freely.

Creating beautiful moments only require all that want to be part of it to be there fully, to be present to the situation and to let go of anything else. You do not need anything to create these moments outside of love.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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