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Love v's Ego!

To make changes to oneself takes a lot of work and commitment to that change.

To make changes it requires you to let go of old ideas and move into an unknown place.

Neither of these are easy, neither come at the snap of your fingers, neither come because someone is demanding it from you but because you know you are moving and wanting the change within.

Knowing how hard it is to create change in your own life should in some way help to see that despite most people wanting change they are struggling with the change and instead of offering negatives in discouragement think about what you would need to keep pushing yourself forward, What would you need to remain motivated to what you have started and that is what you should then encourage and share.

Knocking those that you feel aren't moving fast enough is your perspective, you don't know what lessons they have to learn, you don't know what's in their head, there insecurities, fears, emotions, all you would be focusing on is in your head of why haven't they done it already. Everyone has there time and whether that time fits in with your time or not is your issue not there's.

Know that by lifting others up you are lifting yourself up. To offer love is to offer all you have and are. Remember who you are and where you are from and you will remember that you are only love. Everything else outside of love is what you have chosen to move forward with based on the perspectives your ego has created.

Ego likes to put others down and make others feel bad for their efforts because ego wants to look better than everyone else and as long as others succeed it has the possibility of you then not feeling good enough but again this is your issue and your issue with your ego to be exact.

When you reconnect to your true self and let go of Ego you can only work from a place of love.

When you go to offer some advise in future ask yourself where is this coming from, love or Ego. Then decide on how to continue being aware of where you are working from and how you feel working from that place.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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