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Love and Hate!

For many years my Inner Bully run rampant in me, feeling it had all the control over me.

It was like living with a nightmare in my head of all that I couldn't be, why I couldn't be it, why I was not deserving or worthy, why everyone else was so much better than me, why am I fat, why am I ugly, why am I so stupid, why can't I do anything right, the list is endless, it was a master at keeping me in a place of self hatred.

One day I went to the beach and was guided by Universe to write Who am I?

I did as I was instructed and continued on and wrote whatever came to mind. At the end of the experience and reading what had been written I clearly saw the Inner Bully, The Ego of Defence and the Higher Self.

It was a moment that I connected to there being more than 1 voice, even if all sounded like me they were all individual parts of my mind that were unique unto themselves, different ideas, different reactions and different energetically.

It was a moment that opened my eyes to myself in a way I hadn't been able to before.

After returning home I decided that I would start to give myself positive affirmations at all times, if I heard something that was trying to bring me down I counteracted it with all the love I could muster and little by little the negatives disappeared from my focus.

The Inner Bully is still rampant within but she no longer has any control over who I am, my actions or my thoughts.

This is an audio I created as part of my positive affirmations towards myself and embracing all that I am in positives.

If you have a rampant Inner Bully or even an Inner Bully that has a little to much control then this is the perfect exercise to guide you to start the journey of getting out of that mindset.

I would advise you listen to it for 30 days, using it early morning as you first wake up and last thing before sleep. These times are particularly good for taking information in that you want to absorb quickly.

There is nothing more important to embrace to change your life more than self love, everything else is secondary as everything is an extension of you so if the start is already crumbing then anything added is also crumbling.

Give yourself your power and stop allowing old ideas, perspectives or emotions to dictate where your power is shared.

There is only you in control but is it the part of you that lifts you up and takes you to greater heights?


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