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Look Up!!

Life can sometimes have this feeling of being on a hamsters wheel struggling to get off, desperate to get off but at the same time scared to get off.

When life feels like this there are changes that you are desperate to make but as much as you want the change there are just as many fears that stop you from moving towards those changes.

This keeps you looking at your shadow, always looking behind at what has been, how that worked, whether it was fruitful or not, how people made you feel, all the emotions and insecurities at the surface and and and it just keeps going and going and going and that is the life on the hamsters wheel.

When you actually take a moment to look up, looking in a different direction to one you have taken before or one you took but wasn't confident about at that time life changes for you because it is taking you to what you have been asking for.

None of us what to remain in the same lives, we should expect to learn, grow and evolve at the minimum but how do you do that when you are going round and round and round and round?

It's like a catch 22, you want your life to change but you are scared of life changing so instead of taking the new direction you continue following that same road you have always been on and then become frustrated that life isn't going how you want it to but how can it if you keep going straight instead of taking a right or left?

The biggest change anyone can make is to your perspective so start looking up and seeing, really seeing life through the eyes of what you want from life rather than what you are willing to settle for in life.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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