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What really is a challenge or failure?

A perception, your perception.

A challenge helps us to grow and to have something not work the way we expected is not a failure but to have clarity in what works and doesn't work.

There are many ways to view the world, going through life seeing everything as something that happened to you, weighing you down that you feel beat down that you can't get up or that you go through life knowing that it is all for you, it is all helping you to grow, become, to understand and have clarity in who you are, where you are going, what you are doing and the kind of person you want to put forward and share with the world.

Without challenges or failures how would you even know who that person is, how would you know what you like or dislike without the contrary.

We get so lost in what we don't like that we forget to focus on what it is we do like.

Challenges and failures are the only way to grow and shine, take comfort in the challenges and failures because without them we become like a stagnant river.

Breeding problems not solutions, giving nothing of benefit to anyone or anything. Not able to move because of all the fears you have placed around yourself.

Shine bright and grow with the lessons that are put in front of you at all given times.

Thrive as all life does in the light it shares and receives.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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