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Keep on moving!

At the beginning of the day take some moments to be with yourself, take some moments to give gratitude for your life, health, wealth, love, job, family, happiness, relationships, or whatever it is that you feel joyful about.

Take that moment in the morning to connect to all that is in your life that gives you the feeling of being amazing, of being love, of being light and of being all you need to be.

When you start your day getting yourself into the right headspace you have created a day that will feel good for as long as you do.

Sometimes goals can feel like they are never going to come, sometimes the goals actually change as we move forward and sometimes the goals are let go of as you may come to an understanding of yourself that actually this isn't really who I am.

A goal is for sure something to work towards but I have to add that its something to work towards when what your working towards is where you really want to be.

Most of the time the only reason reaching that goal outside of our own fears or insecurities is actually because what you are working towards is not actually what you want but what you think you are meant to do.

Doing things because you feel you are meant to rather than because you want to completely takes a way the meaning of life which is to live happily doing what brings you joy.

If your goal is something because you feel you have to do it then for sure there will be an accomplishment in finishing it but it won't really mean anything because it isn't really what you want.

Your goal should always be something that brings you joy even if you stumble across problems with it your attitude towards it will always remain positive.

Do what you enjoy to do and your goals will not really feel like goals but just a journey of enjoying what you love. Its so much easier to wake up and enjoy a day that you know is going to fulfil every part of you because in what you're doing captures your heart and soul.

Keep on moving!

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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