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In Oneness

So many humans believe that God, Universe, Source, Higher self or whatever you chose to call it has no voice.

You can't hear anything so don't know what to do.

That's a lie that the Ego tells you over and over again.

That you can only trust in me, myself and I.

In listening to the Ego you stopped hearing God's voice.

It's called Intuition!

We are from God so encompass all that god is.

God gave us a unique extra feature called The Ego.

The Ego has so many of you distracted and for long long that you stop seeing the truth.

Your Ego was given as a means to fully appreciate all that is good.

Without negative we know not positive.

Ego creates a world of limitations constructed out of fear.

Ego creates greed, selfishness, jealousy for fear that it will lose what it already has and that it doesn't already have enough. Never satisfied.

Ego trusts no-one so creates conflicts exteriorly and internally so it can keep you safe. Alone!

By focusing on the me, myself and I all of which are Ego you lose sight of who you truly are.

Soul, energy, part of everything, as without all that is you would not be here.

Your soul is at one with all that is because it is part of all that is. It's peace, love and all that comes with love, kindness, joy, compassion, trust, loyalty, strength, empowerment, abundance, limitlessness, flow, ease and beauty.

If you take a seat and look at nature and how it makes you feel. It's always this feeling of peace, love and a calm. That is home. That feeling is coming from the union of which you know to be your home.

No unnecessary thoughts, instead clarity, inspiration, motivation and focus.

A oneness with all that you are within the universe.

You are soul, you have always been soul and you will always be soul, always connected to all that is.

Only Ego has the power to separate you.

To live in Ego is to live in an abusive relationship with yourself.

It's a relationship that is so afraid of losing you that it holds onto you with everything it has.

It doesn't want you to dress how you want, speak how you what, act how you want, be who you want or do as you want because if you start acting independently then it has lost it's power over you.

It's job within your relationship is to control you so you don't stray to far. If you stray to far it will get upset and create you to become very emotional creating thoughts of fear all the time so you don't move.

Always criticizing you so you don't feel strong enough to leave.

You believe after everything it has told you that you are worthless, that you're not enough to do anything to help yourself or others. Whatever you do will never feel enough.

That is exactly where Ego wants you, defenseless to it!

It's like having this amazing family that will only show us love within ourselves or having this family that create you to feel miserable all the time.

Which family would you like to live with?

What stops you from leaving the family that makes you feel miserable?

It's this dependency of all that you know already. Can you imagine the freedom you would feel when you break free of this suffocating relationship you are in at the moment and say that's enough?

Follow your heart and soul and you will be guided to know all that you are in the most beautiful way.

I wish you beautiful journeys and in light is always love so when Ego starts creating it's noise remember which family you have chosen to live with.

Love and light


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