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If it's the last thing you do, Love yourself!

Bridgitte loves to write and has many journals, over many years.

Every so often she will go back through old Journals to see where her mind was, how she was thinking, feeling and seeing the world.

There's journals have really shown her just how much change has happened since writing them.

She recalls one she had written 16 years ago, much of the mindset surprisingly fitted in with how she thinks now, with it being about wanting to live in a positive mindset, ways of being in a positive mindset.

The difference between now and then though was at that time in that journal it was all just words. She knew what she wanted and she knew what she needed to do but she just wasn't able to put any of it into practice.

What's really interesting is that it's not that she couldn't have put it into practice then, she was quite capable and always has been, the only difference was how she felt about herself.

She felt that the things she saw in herself were things that needed to be fixed and would bully herself into fixing them making her pull away from the changes even more.

Over the years she has learnt that in bullying herself she was feeding her Ego and it kept her in the same mindset of everyone is against me.

It's only in accepting all of herself that she was able to get to the point to think in a positive way about herself, because she actually feels positive about herself.

In all of those years wanting to change and bullying herself, she felt that it was just that she wasn't good enough to change, that she wasn't working hard enough, doing enough and just bombarded herself with so much you're this and that all coming from negatives that the positive she wanted to walk forward with, would get lost in all the noise of the Ego's negative chatter and it would take over.

Little by little she started to feed herself love, towards the parts she already loved and towards those parts of herself she hated. Over time it wasn't any longer about accepting herself because that grew with the love she was feeding herself.

The positive mindset happened not because she was trying to fix herself but because she was loving herself.

You were born perfect and you will die perfect. Whatever you do in between be sure to love each and every single part of yourself. It's the most important thing in your life you will ever do for yourself.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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