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Most mornings Bridgitte goes for a walk on the beach. This morning at the very first sight of the sun poking it's head out Bridgitte looked at it and became a sun worshiper saying to the sun, you are love, you are life and you are light, Thank you for offering your love, light and life, I am receiving your love, I am receiving your life and I am receiving your Light. I am love I am life and I am light. It was such a beautiful moment, she felt so connected to the sun like they were one, like one could not be without the other.

Bridgitte has always loved the sun and it's power, she has always felt it holds magical powers and in reality it is absolutely amazing as it gives us life.

Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and it never getting light, and then the next day and next day.

What the sun gives us and provides us with is everything really because without it we would have no life.

Life would dry out and die as nothing would be receiving the energy it provides us with.

For Bridgitte vitamin D which is provided by the sun is so important that she picked herself up and left the Uk, just so she would be exposed to more sun, that's how important it is to her.

The sun gives a feeling of happiness, you know when summer comes you can see it in everyone, many more smiles on everyone's faces, more cheer, friendlier people and just this feeling of freedom that you can be out and about and you won't get wet or cold.

The sun is something that you could very easily take for granted as you have this expectation of it always being there. What it gives us is mind blowing and should never been taken for granted.

So let's make today a HAPPY SUN DAY, let's embrace the life that it provides us with, the love it supplies us with limitlessly and the light that it gives us so gloriously and generously.

Thank you Sun we love you

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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