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First thought goes a long way!

When you wake up with the problems of yesterday on your mind then the likelihood is that today will be a continuation of yesterday, all the emotions, thoughts and experiences of the day before.

Life is amazing in general but something really amazing about it is that YOU get to determine what kind of day you are going to have.

When you wake up and the first place you go to is how you felt yesterday which wasn't very good it's like living in a groundhog day.

When you wake up and consciously decide to think of thoughts that make you smile, make your insides feel alive and happy, joyful, loved and enthusiastic that is what you are creating for your day.

It's oh so easy to be on a nightmare repeat over and over again but it's just as easy to be on the repeat towards a happy life rather than a stressed life, it's just a choice of what you are choosing to think about when you wake up and from that moment on.

You can think about anything you want all the time, why not use your thoughts to create a feeling of greatness within you rather than using your thoughts to beat you down over and over again.

Where thoughts go energy flows.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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