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Emotional Healing

Every WEDNESDAY Morning we would like to offer emotional healing to 4 of you.

The healing will take around 15 mins of your time where you would need to be relaxed at the minimum.

The healing will discover which chakras are blocked and give you information on how and why these chakras are likely to be blocked.

It also offers insights of how or what to make changes with to move forward in life.

A follow up to this healing we have a the new reprogramming audio proven to work that focuses on your individual chakras helping to strengthens and balance them leading to a healthier view of self and life.

The healing is Free and detailed enough to move forward making life changes.

If you would like the healing please contact us.

The reprogramming audio is for the gift of a donation.

If you would like the healing and audio please click the link, Go to reprogramming audio, leave your gift of a donation and then head on to book an appointment at your own convenience.

Looking forward to connecting with you.


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