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Dreams happpen for those that believe in them!

You can have a dream of succeeding, but the only way you will ever succeed is by believing in that dream.

You can go through life dreaming yet having no belief and never accomplishing anything because you have spent so long telling yourself you can't.

Dreams can only come if you believe in them enough to do the work you need to.

Many people believe they are not good enough for their dreams,

what about if I said your dreams are not good enough for you?

If you cannot see yourself as successful then you will not be, it's not because you can't be, not because others have told you that you can't. It's simply because you have decided that you are not good enough.

Nothing in this world has the potential to destroy your dreams but you.

When you're sitting there thinking it was this ones fault or that ones fault what you are doing is distracting yourself from the truth.

The truth that you are to scared to really believe in yourself to ever succeed at achieving your dreams.

Start to trust in who you are, what you want, how you want to live, share, love, learn and understand. Start to live a life that goes along with who you are and what you truly believe in life and for life.

Nothing can stop you from succeeding but you.

Get out of your way and embrace the fear knowing that every second you embrace, you are one step closer to loving and believing in yourself as opposed to criticizing and belittling yourself.

Let go of all the I cant's and focus on all the how amazing's you are. You are amazing and you for sure have something unique and special to offer the world that only you can offer the world.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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