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Dreams do come true!

A few years ago I mentioned to my husband that I felt like I was going to become a public speaker. My husband looked at me like I was crazy and said softly, "you do know you have to talk in front of people to be a speaker".

I responded with yes, that I am aware of that but that I feel like that is where I am being guided to.

Now my husband wasn't being unsupportive he was just blown away that me Bridgitte would say that as I had never been able to speak in public before and to go even further if there are more than 3 others with me I would struggle to speak so the idea of speaking in front of people just didn't connect to him.

I however knew what I felt and learning to trust what I feel is the only reason that I got to the point of actually speaking in public.

After mentioning to my husband about the public speaking I realised I would need to start taking steps, so the first step was to start doing lives.

This took quite a while to build myself up but it was something I knew I would have to do if I was ever to get to where I wanted to be. To become who I wanted to be, to share what I wanted to share.

The very first live was terrifying and I was nervous as anything but the thing about doing the live readings was that I had my cards as a well placed barrier between the audience and myself. Although I was and am connected at the time of doing readings the cards helped me to feel like there was something between us that I would always have something to fall back on if anything went wrong.

Since starting the live readings 2 years ago I have grown and become more and more confident. I knew I was getting closer to my goal of public speaking.

Then Real contacted me to be part of her show that is all about encouraging, uplifting and inspiring others to follow their dreams. It was the perfect opportunity and I took it with both hands.

I have to say lol I was petrified, I wasn't sure what I would say, what I would talk about, or whether I would sound like a complete idiot.

Thankfully though I overcome my fears, I made it as a guest speaker on Real's show and I am so happy with the outcome. To be part of sharing light is always a blessing and the high vibrations coming from the show was amazingly beautiful.

We can all overcome ourselves, our thought's and our insecurities but only if we are willing to take steps one at a time to do what is needed to progress.

I promise you for me to have done this live as a guest speaker is one of the biggest achievements in my life. It is something that even as I said it to my husband a few years ago although I believed what I had said my ego was in complete denial of where I wanted to go and did absolutely everything it could to convince me of what or who it believed me to be.

The best lesson I have learnt from any of this experience is that in everything the Ego tried so hard to make me believe I knew that it was the opposite that I needed to move towards. i used my ego to show me my fears and went and trampled over them.

Use your ego for your highest good, that's what I believe it is here with us for, as one of our most brilliant gifts that we all have learn to use it, master it and use it to your advantage instead of allowing it to use you.

Keep pushing forwards, keep taking those steps and I promise you if I could do this show you could do absolutely anything in life that you chose to do.

Happy pushing forwards. Love and Light. One Love

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