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Bridgitte Learns to Drive!

There once was a young girl named Ifriwarmi but her family affectionately called her Rainbow, She was extremely beautiful, loving, caring, kind, happy, joyful, fun, free and radiated Love. She loved running through long grass with the wind blowing gently and feeling it lift her as she flew in pure freedom and bliss. When she reached her 6th birthday her parents delivered an amazing electric car to her, she was overwhelmed and felt so happy to have received this gift. She was so excited to get in and go through life happily.

As she approached the car it said hello, ohhh she was even more excited, thinking wowwww it’s a talking car and it can drive itself with her instructions, how much more beautiful and fun can life become she asks herself. She felt so blessed that she had this beautiful car that had its own mind and that wanted to do nothing but enjoy it’s life exactly as she desired for her life.

Rainbow decided to give her car the name Bridgitte, they grew to love each other a lot. Bridgitte had always understood that Rainbow was in charge as the driver but after some time Bridgitte started to resent not being in control. One day Rainbow was sitting in the driver’s seat mediating on where she felt guided to create the most amount of fun.

As Bridgitte is there waiting she starts to get mad at Rainbow because she is taking too long, they aren’t doing anything and she isn’t doing anything so she screams at rainbow COME ON MOVEEEE. Why are you sitting here in me and not doing anything, LET’S GO GO GO .

Bridgitte becomes so furious that she wills her engine to start. She takes control feeling liberated that she doesn’t have to wait anymore. She knew not where she was going, how to get there, what she even needed to do to get there but that didn’t matter to her, what mattered was that she felt like she was accomplishing what she was here to do and that was to move not to sit still. She felt that if she had control nothing could go wrong as she felt she knew that she was powerful enough without Rainbows help and that she would be able to get to wherever she was going without a clue of where she was actually going.

So Bridgitte’s engine is ticking over as Rainbow patiently sit’s there, not getting angry with Bridgitte for starting the car, but accepting the action taken and loving Bridgitte anyway.

Bridgitte starts off moving slowly and stalls, she gets mad at herself feeling frustrated and useless, feeling like there has to be so much more they could be doing than just sitting around going nowhere and even more frustrated that Rainbow has seen her stall and knows how she is feeling.

Bridgitte decides to start the engine up again and drives down the road a little, when she is forced to break very quickly as someone runs into the road. Her heart skips a beat in fear and on top of that the engine has stalled again. She now has heightened fear in her from the shock of almost potentially hurting someone. Bridgitte is so angry now she begins to overheat.

Rainbow steps in, holding onto the steering wheel with loving hands that remind Bridgitte that she isn’t alone, that she is ok and that at any point she can rely on Rainbow to resume control.

Bridgitte calms down a little but not enough to give up control yet so she pulls herself together and decides its time to start moving again and remember, still with no idea of where it is she is actually going.

Bridgitte starts up her engine again, determined to reach an unknown destination. She needs to keep moving and Rainbow is moving way to slow for her today, she feels Rainbow doesn’t understand the urgency she feels.

So as she starts to drive a little less confident in her abilities but feels that she needs to keep on moving.

This time she drives along getting further and further along on the journey that she starts to feel like she is getting the hang of it and her confidence starts to build up again until she thinks ohhhh lets put the radio on. As she distracts herself with the radio she has moved lanes to the opposite side of the road. As she brings her attention back to the road she realises that cars are now coming towards her, she panics, doesn’t know what to do and freezers as cars approach her.

Rainbow once again takes hold of the steering wheel, again with love and turns the steering wheel to one side so they are once again on the desired lane.

Bridgitte feels so happy that she is fine, she knows it could have ended very badly, this scares her and she questions what she is doing. She still thinks that she knows better than the driver Rainbow though so still continues on her journey to nowhere.

As Bridgitte is driving along she again starts to think she can do this and confidence builds as she is driving along and no more incidents are happening she thinks I’ve got this under control, so faster and faster she goes. She gets to a point that she is so comfortable she decides she can take the chance of trying to put the radio on again.

This time in the process of her putting the radio on and being distracted she rears towards the pavement hitting a lamppost head on. She feels hurt, she knows she has hurt herself pretty badly.

Rainbow however is unharmed and as always shows Bridgitte nothing but love. Rainbow stays with Bridgitte as she waits for the recovery to come and collect her so they can take her to the garage for repairs. She let’s Bridgitte know that she will be perfectly fine, only a few cuts and bruises but that all will be well.

Bridgitte is feeling very foolish at her behaviour because she knows she has a driver and that she didn’t need to be so impatient and controlling. That her taking control led to situations that were dangerous for everyone around, and that the experience was painful both emotionally and physically. Bridgitte is so upset and embarrassed by her actions that she becomes angry at herself. She starts to see only the flaws and all the reasons of why she is a terrible car.

Rainbow couldn’t listen to any more and steps in reminding Bridgitte that she is all she needs to be. That she is strong, reliable, loyal, caring, kind, loving, protective and protected.

Rainbow helps Bridgitte to understand that along the journey, at the very start Bridgitte had stalled, yet that didn’t stop her from trying again, that she has courage, persistence and determination.

When breaking to avoid hitting the person crossing the road, she had shown love, compassion and kindness to have decided to stop.

Rainbow states that when hitting the lamppost she was not affected by the impact and is very grateful to Bridgitte for keeping her safe.

That Bridgitte is so much stronger than she believes herself to be, that she loves her and will take her to anywhere she would like to go.

She reminds Bridgitte that there are always distractions and difficult lessons along the way, that they are there to create the understanding of contrast of what leaves you feeling amazing and what leaves you feeling not so good.

Bridgitte sits with Rainbows words for some time, she also goes over the events of her day and realises that as much as she gets impatient and wants to take action that it never leads to positive endings. When she takes control away from Rainbow she feels a disconnection and unloved.

She understands that it is a much happier, loving, comforting, giving journey ahead of her when she shares it with Rainbow and when she allows Rainbow to offer the destinations in clarity rather than driving around aimlessly everything happens for them. That if she remains patient she gets to enjoy all the amazing adventures Rainbow gets to enjoy in the safest most simplistic of ways and that all she ever has to do is trust.

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