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Be the Conductor of your own Life!!

When you see yourself in a great way and know you have the potential for so much more you are likely to reach that so much more.

Having people around you that don't encourage or support you in your dreams can be really hard because you can feel like you are going against those you love and that if you fail they can all say I told you so.

This is all ego though and yes the concern that you will upset people may be real but in reality they are controlling your life by not allowing you to live your life.

When you are around people that create a space for you to thrive you will and you will move yourself way beyond you ever believed you could.

When you are around people that bring out feelings of guilt or shame about how you would like to live your life it's like a losing battle of should I or shouldn't I.

It leaves room for procrastination because instead of following you or those that do support you you're hearing all the fears buzzing around you and sitting in them rather than acknowledging they are other peoples fears and that is why they are where they are.

Do you want to be where they are, would you like to live in that way. These are the choices you have and that need to be taken for yourself as many times people can push their own fears on you but you do not need to accept them as your own fears.

You have the choice to decide that those fears will not help or push you into anything worthy and you are so worthy and deserve so many beautiful things and feelings that you only really have one choice and that is to follow you and what feels right to you with who feels right to you.

Be the conductor of your life.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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