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Are Attachments really good?

The thing about humans is they get so attached to everything.

Something treats them good they get attached, something treats them bad they get attached.

These attachments keep them from living in a world of happiness permanently because as long as they are attached they feel they have something to protect.

Now this protection isn't for that thing but more for how they will feel if they were to lose that thing, so everything is done to keep that attachment as close as possible because without it what would happen.

The interesting thing is why would they feel the need to protect something that is stopping them from living in happiness?

They believe that the fearful voice of protection is helping them and going to bring them everything they want but all it brings is more heartache, struggle, pain, sadness, frustration, irritation, hate, jealousy, vengeance, regret because it is a voice without a soul.

Worrying about what they have already, this doesn't just stop at this moment but what happens if they don't have it tomorrow or the day after and the cycle continues of worry worry worry that what they already have, they will lose.

Whenever a human hears a voice outside of love within it's own mind they are listening to their own truths and beliefs through the eyes of fear.

Attachments to anything will only ever bring snippets of what love, peace, happiness truly are.

The heart is the pathway to love, the heart speaks through love only.

Listen to the voice of love and you will be guided to love of yourself, love of your fellow humans, love of your world and love of your universe and all that is, for all that is, is Love.


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