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Red Squirrel

Cutting Cords to the Past!

Red Squirrel

American Red Squirrel. CUTTING CORDS TO THE PAST

You have a tendency to always keep things on the premise of just in case.
You have a fantastic memory.
You’re clever, instinctive, sociable, flexible and agile.
You are maternal; enjoy being around children and taking care of them.
You’re both expressive through actions and vocally.
You prefer to living close to others, maybe in an apartment building as opposed to open rural areas.
It's about time some purging started. A big time clear out is needed physically, emotionally and mentally.
You tend to hold onto the past. It's time to start living in the now, even looking to the future.
Let it go, learn the lessons and move on. Until the past is just that the past, something that you have moved beyond, you will always be stuck there.
You have lost your voice at the moment, not being able to express yourself. Let it out, say what you feel, need, this isn’t about making a scene and conflict or drama, this is about you being honest with yourself and expressing yourself to yourself honestly so you are able to begin to accept where you are. Then you can work with what you know and make decisions accordingly.
Use your instincts they are there to help, stop thinking so much in your head and heart and allow your gut to take over. You have it within you to achieve what you want. It will require you moving beyond the past.

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