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Find Your Motivation!




You are a great companion, very supportive and upbeat.
You’re very expressive and vocal. Everybody knows exactly where they stand with you.
You are likely to know more than one language.
Around Water is where you find your peace, your place to recharge. You have a giving, caring nature, very curious, inquisitive and intelligent.
You’re friendly, very sociable, interactions are very important to you.
You can have a tendency to get bored very easily when left idol to long.

You have withdrawn into yourself, not quite knowing what to do next.
You spend so much time in your head worrying about what others will say about the actions you dream of taking. You have a dream, an objective but so much energy is being put on all the reasons why it can’t work over why it can work. You dream of it all the time, looking to the distance at it and then get caught up in your mind of limitations with it’s just a dream, I can’t do that, no one will be interested, I’m not good enough. Whatever it is that is stopping you it is for sure coming from within you. Once you deal with yourself and your inner resistance about this amazing change you are walking towards the hurdles and obstacles that you have worried about will no longer be there as you see and know what you see in your dreams are yours and have always been making there way to you. You were just not looking in the right direction to see them.

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