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Clown Fish

On The Defence!

Clown Fish



You are likely to have pets and tend to feed them while you’re eating.
You don't tend to be too fussy with food, Love food.
Your a loyal partner putting your partner before all else.
You can be affected by the Moon cycles.
You are very nurturing wanting to be there to take care of your children, wanting to take on the responsibilities of being a parent.
You are usually very peaceful.
You will defend yourself, your space and your family. Also defending the vulnerable.
You are friendly, strong, reliable and independent.
You are not particularly unsociable but would rather spend time with a few close friends.

Pay attention to the Moon cycles and how they affect you, allow the changes in you to work in your favour.
Be careful of infections and viruses passing food to pets without washing your hands.
you have the best intentions towards your family. Don't be so hard on yourself if you are not getting as much time as you would like with the family or feel that you have made a mistake, it happens and you learn from it.
You have some insecurities out at the moment that are creating conflicts and drama either within you or with those around you. Old experiences do not need to keep being repeated, you are not who you were. You have grown a lot and you have learn so many lessons on what it is to be love, you have experienced everything that felt far from love and it’s those lessons that have made you so good at loving. Love yourself first and everything won’t feel that you need to defend it, that you need to defend yourself as you know and see that no one is actually attacking you other than you.

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