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Cane Toad

Self Reflection!

Cane Toad



You have an acute ear, probably play a musical instrument.
You probably prefer warmer climates.
You're calm, independent and docile.
You like having your own space and time alone.
You enjoy spending time in small intimate groups.
You’re highly fertile and Love spending time in nature.
You’re the complete opposite of a drama queen, you could be walking around with your arm hanging off saying nahhh it's ok, no need to worry I'll be just fine.
You’re more of a night owl type person.
You really love your own time, if you could have a super power I think it would be to be invisible.

It's ok to admit that all is not well. Once you admit that things need to change you allow the universe to start making changes happen.
You’re not getting enough alone time, or maybe having way too much.
You’re not invisible, as much as you would like to be.
Having people around you with positive energy to interact with helps with feeling connected. Gives you others to focus on instead of all the worries your mind creates about your own life.
Call a friend and go out for a chat, have an intimate dinner with friends to reconnect.
Take a walk enjoying each step you take. Imagine how you would like your life to be, what you need to do to make that happen. Each step you take, imagine you are walking towards your dreams and aspirations.
If you are not ready for children make sure you’re well protected. Alternatively there could be some complications with conceiving.
Pay attention to how you are feeling always and know that whatever it is you are feeling is a representation of where you are and what is going on within you rather than of those around you.

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