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Black Pather

Stuck In Limbo

Black Pather

Black Panther. STUCK IN LIMBO


Your ideal place to live is just outside a city.
You’re generally quiet a shy person preferring to spend most of your time in your own company.
You prefer to be on the outside looking in rather than being in the crowd or being the centre of attention.
You’re a bit of a home body, liking to stay in familiar areas to you.
Best time to conceive would be the month of January or February.
There could be some problems with fertility.
You’re agile and strong, beautiful and graceful, although you work hard to not be noticed you are.
You’re very observant and aware of every little thing that goes on around you.
You’re a quick learner, very adaptable, a problem solver. If something is just not working you wouldn't have a problem with stopping the project mid-way though and starting all over again.
Although you prefer to be alone, creating time for your children is a must to give them your full attention.
You’re generally a passive person but once your family or personal space has been threatened or invaded you will defend it with all you have.
You speak volumes with your face, eyes, hand gestures and body language that people will know what you are thinking or feeling.
You’re intuitive senses are hearing and seeing, your able to make contact with spirit.
You’re an opportunist and won't let a bargain or opportunity pass you by.
You will consciously avoid confrontations preferring a quieter life.


You have been feelings claustrophobic, like its going round and round and round and closing in on you as it does with you not knowing how you are ever going to get out of the monotony. It’s feeling like too much noise and commotion around you, when really all the noise is happening within you.
Time for a change of environment.
Too much time alone isn't good for the soul, more socialising is needed.
Sometimes words are needed to get our point across, you need to vocalise more rather than use other forms of communication. Sometimes your messages can be confusing when not spoken so find your voice and speak out.
You’re intuition is there to help you, don't be afraid of it. Let it guide you into the unknown.
Always keep yourself protected and grounded because even if you don't know how strong you are others will sense it and could attach themselves to you or use your fear of your gifts to subdue you.
Have faith in yourself and your gifts, they are gifts and accept them into your life and you will see that you will be a force to be reckoned with.
You could be using shopping as a way of escaping, maybe switch it up to window shopping.
It's ok to make mistakes, we all do. Nobody on this planet is perfect; don't be so hard on yourself.
Perfect job for you is a Teacher.

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