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Bearded Dragon

Open the Gates!

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon. OPEN THE GATES


You have vision; you work hard to climb the ladder. If you start at the bottom you have a plan to get to the top.
You’re very expressive with just a look or a motion you have made your point.
You much prefer to be in warmer climates, but uncomfortable when it's too hot for too long.
You can be quite Territorial.
You are patient, can put up with a lot before you finally snap.
People need to prove themselves to you before you allow them in to your life.
You much prefer being with few people or alone rather than to be in a crowd.
You’re an opportunist, and resilient.

Sometimes you need to use words to say what you feel, rather than relying on an understanding of your actions.
Some people just don't understand unless it is said in words, loud and clear.
It's ok if someone enters your space meaning no harm. Some people are very tactile and need to touch and show emotion through physical contact. That's ok if you are comfortable with it, if not then be honest and let them know you are not comfortable. People are different, for the most part they are understanding of the fact that we are all different.
Don't let people take advantage of you, you deserve so much more, you don't need people around that feel it's ok to disrespect you or abuse you. Let them know it's time to either fix up or hit the road.
You are in control of your destiny, let what you want be a priority and don't settle for less.
Don't let it get to the point that you need to snap, that is not who you are. Not who you want to be.
Take those opportunities when they come, don't doubt yourself, trust in who you are and what you are capable of.
Everything is on your side, take advantage now.
Find that resilient part of you that part of you that knows you have to work and fight for what you want. How much do you really want it, if it's that you want it plenty then do what you need to do to achieve it. You are so much more than capable of doing that.

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