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Bassett Hound Dog

FaceLift is Needed!

Bassett Hound Dog



You're a friendly, outgoing and playful person.
You’re tolerant, vocal, stubborn and a good navigator. Knowing which way to take in Life.
Not feeling very energetic recently, spending too much time alone.
It is definitely time to have a fun day out, talk and laugh more.
It's time to let go, life isn't all about winning or losing.
We can all have moments of being stubborn but it's not a trait to live by. It happens and then it's time to move forward from it.
You can put up with a lot but you don't have to put up with anything that is detrimental to you. That knocks you down rather than picks you up. Come out of yourself and become that person that you loved to be, the one you felt proud to be, the one that was inspired and excited about life.
Reconnect to that part of you and get out of this momentum of ground hog day, it’s time to get out of the loop and start something fresh that makes you feel fresh.
It could simply be by starting with moving the furniture around in your place to switch up the energy a little, but don’t stop there, keep pushing yourself to do things that excite you, bring you to life and enjoy doing them without feeling guilty about what you are doing. You are allowed to have fun and to live the best life you can which only you really know what that looks like.

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