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Overly Helpful!




You are all about teamwork, getting people together collectively working and supporting each other.
Throw something away. NEVER not you. You have the ability to recycle everything making something out of nothing.
You are highly resourceful. Very innovative.
You are versatile, able to fit in anywhere.
You’re a very hard worker and co-operative.
You’re highly intuitive using smell, sight, touch and sound.
You’re very protective over your own space.
You enjoy being in the warmer climates much more, feelings of tiredness and fatigue, loss of energy during the winter months.
Great time to conceive is late spring early summer.
You have strong maternal instincts.
You’re great at navigating and following instructions.
I can imagine you buying something DIY and sitting down to read every last bit of the manual.
You stand up for yourself, people know when they have gone too far and it's time to back off.
You are always well prepared for the worst case scenario.
You use your senses wisely in knowing when you are needed or not.
You’re highly attuned to your body and know what it likes and doesn't like to feel good.
You’re the perfect companion to get stranded with on a desert island.
You’re as comfortable in water as you are out of it.
You’re very sociable and friendly, always upbeat.
You rely heavily on friends giving you your extra dose of happiness as much as they depend on you.
You’re a natural healer, you allow people to form bridges to communicate.
You can be a bit of a hoarder, time to de-clutter both mentally and physically.
You are highly intuitive sometimes being overwhelmed by your senses. The more you tap into them the more you get use to them, stop pushing them aside. Keep grounded and cleansed.
Try to soak up as much vitamin D as you can in the summer months so you have more energy in the winter months.
Sometimes you need to let go and just go with the flow, not everything has to be regimented and planned to the finest details.
Your body is rebelling against you but you’re just not listening to it. Make time to listen and understand what it wants and needs.
Stay balanced don't let others drain your energy, know your boundaries.
Your stability is in you, you no longer need to seek it from others, you no longer need validations from others because you are powerful within yourself and anyone coming into your life trust that it is because they want to be there not because they have to be there.

Ideal job- training within companies that need to enforce the importance of teamwork.

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