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To be kind is to be Love!

Somewhere along the lines kindness became something that is given with the idea of an external reward when in reality kindness is all about how what you do makes you feel regardless of how your kindness has been received.

If you find yourself needing recognition to your acts of kindness ask yourself, am I working from Ego or Heart?

If you are waiting for someone to say a thank you or an acknowledgement of your kindness then you are not being truly kind, You are giving an impression of kindness so as others have a higher opinion of you. This is kindness from the Ego which in essence is all about self gratification. That's why when you don't get the thank you or recognition you feel hard done by, even angry or irritated because the act of kindness was from a place of conditions, limitations of I do this for you and I expect something back in return.

When you are showing kindness it comes from the heart, it's an act of Love. It doesn't need recognition or praise. It stands alone in this is what I am doing because this is what feels right to my heart. It is self reliant on the love it feels within that it seeks nothing outside of itself.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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