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On Bridgitte's journey this has always been a personal mission she has wanted to stick to however she struggled, she knew what she wanted and how she wanted to be yet she was never quite able to get over what other people thought of her.

The noises of the ego would go round and round with the, but what if they don't like you or they think your silly or even worse stupid, what if they think your ugly, fat, skinny, got a big nose or a bald head, what if they don't like my accent or the way I speak, what if I'm not intelligent enough or open enough. What if I'm to slow or don't know enough. These kinds of thoughts would drown Bridgitte that she would literally end up paralysed not able to move or take action because her ego had just fed her a whole load of lies that she believed even if they weren't what others thought and it is just in her own mind.

While being on this self discovery journey Bridgitte has learnt so much about her own mind and just how far it will go to protect the ego it so loves.

Her ego believes it's always right so if it thinks it then it has to be true, she wouldn't question what it said because why would she be lying to herself, what would the point be in that.

Bridgitte has come to the understanding now that it isn't that the ego is lying, it is telling her exactly what it believes. It lives in fear and will give her a whole list of things every moment to fear so it keeps itself from being hurt in any way possible. The thing about ego though is it keeps her secluded and alone. It wants her to be protected in every single way so will go out of its way to create situations around her that more and more she disengages with others because she was always in her head of everyone is against her.

The ego is the human part of us and it doesn't know very much at all aside from fear.

Once Bridgitte realised that as long as she was in fear she was in ego she worked on not being afraid. If she was scared of talking to someone instead of walking away she went to speak to them and little by little come to the complete understanding of the ego will hold her back if she continue to listen to what it believes because now she has clear understanding that the ego can't work in any other way but she knows she isn't just human, she is also soul and so therefore gets to choose where she wants to work from.

Neither the soul nor ego have any power unless you chose to listen to them.

Making that choice to not listen to fear has opened her world up in so many ways and that's mostly because her mind is now so much more peaceful because there is no longer any noise of what do others think of her.

Once you let Ego go you can start flying.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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