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Numbers Explained


Numbers have become such a significant part of my life that I cannot see a number without a story coming to mind.

This has inspired me to want to share the number stories with you, I find them so helpful into understanding how I am feeling, what is going on in my life and understanding how to move beyond what I am seeing at that moment.

They are powerful messages from loving energy that is wanting to guide you, giving you clarity, understanding and support to continue to move forward in life.


Comment your numbers below if you would like help in deciphering them.

I will be making my way through all the numbers creating video explanations, they will be posted in the my group on YouTube and right here as they are created.

Thank you in advance for all the numbers you comment as this is a personal project of mine to create a dictionary of numbers and your suggestions go a long way in helping with the creations so again thank you.

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