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Know who you are and be that!

For many the way you see yourself is determined by what you believe or feel others think of you.

That would be really good if the things you were thinking were actually what others were thinking but the majority of the time they do not match.

Others may believe you are great at something but your own insecurities can tell you, no you are not. Even if someone tells you that you are good, you may not believe it, you may also even feel like that person is just being nice but that they don't really believe in what you have done.

That is entirely because you don't believe in yourself or in what you have done.

When you really get down to basics, hardly anything your mind tells you is the truth and Ego is the furthest you can be from the truth as that is a place of fear, so everything will always feel like an attack on you even when it isn't.

All that you have experienced has been to help you to grow, learn, understand both yourself and others.

You are at your most powerful when you acknowledge all that you truly are and that is Brave, Strong, Smart, Beautiful, Compassionate, Caring, Kind and Loving. Every human being has all of these qualities and it's literally just for you to see all of that within you.

Don't allow your mind to control who you should be and who it would like you to be. You are who you choose to be, nothing more or less. You are equal to all, saying that though you are also unique from all, so embrace your uniqueness, run with it, enjoy it, love it and love every part of you, even those parts of you that aren't showing you love and are holding you back in resistance. Be kind to those parts of you, they live in fear and are scared. When you have a scared child in front of you not wanting to do something what would you tell them? yeah that's to scary I don't think you should do that or do you encourage them to overcome their fears?

Encourage yourself and let go of your thoughts of what others are thinking about you, as whatever it is they are thinking is from their perspective of what is going on inside of them. What they are seeing is their truth and has no bearing on who you are but again in who they are.

Your own mind is the biggest battle and the noises of others are nowhere near as bad as what your own mind has to share with you.

Speak to yourself through love because you are loved and you are Love as that is all there really is.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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