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Beliefs are Powerful

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The last several years I have been discovering the mind and how it affects us. Beliefs are something that comes up whatever it is I am learning about.

Everything in your life is dictated by your energy and your energy is responding to your beliefs constantly.

So when you say oh I can't have that, you are sending out a belief of I can't have it, I am not worthy of it, I don't have what I need to get it and on and on the mind will justify just why you believe the way you do. It will give you past experiences where something went wrong just to justify why you shouldn't go for it now.

These beliefs are coming from a place of fear, a place of Ego that you are only seeing what is in front of you in the physical world because that is how you have been taught to think.

If your focus is on all that you feel is wrong in the world, your life, then the beliefs you are sending out are that there isn't enough in the world, that you are not abundant, that everything goes against you, that you are the victim in essence which only the ego can be as the soul doesn't connect to the vibration of victim which is why it always feels so bad when you are there, because you are removed for that moment of time from the fact that you are an infinite soul living here in this existence as a human being.

The human part of you is where the Ego lays and as long as you Listen to it as though it is your master then you will continue to focus on the lack and continue to create lack.

For change to happen you have to believe it's possible. You have to believe in yourself, believe that you are the universe and believe that as one you are all.

You can see what your beliefs look like by taking a look at your life.

Is it looking like you would like it to?

Why not? justifications of all the reasons it can't happen?

Do you feel that you don't have enough ?

Do you view your world from a perspective of lack?

All of these you will clearly see as you will always be short of money, relationships are drama, health problems, life constantly feels like a struggle.

This is all down to beliefs that are not working for you, your soul does not venture into the lower vibrations of Ego, to create the changes the core beliefs need to be flipped on their head.

Focus more on what is going right, I get that it's hard when all you see is negative but don't forget that in every negative there is a positive.

Life has amazing things to bring into your world but if you don't believe you are worthy of them how can they even get to you?

I have heard many times "I believe the universe is abundant but I don't believe I am" that in itself is a big problem as you are the universe. If the universe is abundant then you can only be abundant, if you don't feel abundant that is a feeling you have taken on with your ego not from your soul.

There is no separation, when you love yourself and you give to yourself like you give to others and the universe then you will truly believe in the universe because you will truly believe in you.

Love and Light


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