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Be Brave Be Yourself!

There is for sure no one else that can be a better version of you, with all your perfections, uniqueness and perspectives only you can ever know yourself fully and be yourself fully.

The amazing thing about this world is that we are all individuals with different ideas, perspectives, morals, emotions and experiences.

We are all more than blessed in being unique and having something so special that we get to share with the world.

The only thing that stops this is a refusal to see or acknowledge that you are special and that you have something to offer.

Others may not believe in your ideas or even you and that's where the bravery comes in, overcoming all the ideas of being rejected for moving forward with what feels right to you but not to anyone else.

Bravery is in believing in yourself enough to not worry what other people may believe or feel about your decisions.

There are many inventions that if the inventor was not brave enough and did not believe in themselves enough we would not be living in a world of such convenience now.

We are taught to look at others to see how well we are doing but this doesn't really make sense because if you are focusing on what someone else is doing you are then not focused on you and what you are doing or creating.

Don't allow yourself to get distracted by others, trust in who you are, what you are, how you think, what you think, how you feel, what you feel and keep moving beyond all the noise of I can't to all of the bravery of I got this.

You can achieve anything you want you just need to have the belief in that and no one will ever be able to give you this, it is something you need to accept within.

I said accept not seek as it is there already, you do not need to seek what you already have, you just need to accept that you have it.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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