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4 Tips for Focus!

When Humans are in the middle of something it can get blurry because everything becomes tunnel vision, only seeing what is right in front of you and not seeing the bigger picture.

Here are 4 tips to help get back in Focus:

1) Breath

Take some time away from what you are doing. Go for a walk, run, go somewhere that you feel your connecting to nature. If you cannot get out into nature imagine yourself to be a tree with roots growing out of your feet going to the center of the earth. This helps to quieten the mind and to be peaceful enough to hear your soul talking to you offering you everything you need to change perspectives. It allows you to open up enough to see outside of the tunnel vision and to start seeing from a birds eye view where you see in clarity. No confusion there. Breathing helps with grounding and balance.

2) Meditation

Meditation is a miracle worker when you want to focus. Meditation for us literally means to focus on one thing. Now what that thing is doesn't really matter as long as it brings you to a place of happiness, focus and a quiet mind.

Whatever meditation suits you and who you are, you will get so much from it. Quieting the mind is key to finding focus, clarity and awareness.

3) Ask God/Universe

Ask the universe/God for help, give your worries and troubles to the universe and trust that they have been released and expect to receive back the help that you requested. The bible quotes Ask and you shall receive. It doesn't state work till you're bleeding and in pain or struggle and struggle some more before you can receive. Universe is always there and knows exactly what you want, allow it to help you by opening yourself up to all that it is offering.

4) A sounding wall

A sounding wall is when you have someone that you can talk to and they don't really need to respond. They allow you to speak and may offer some insights but they are more there to listen.

Bridgitte has a few people in her life that give her the opportunity to do this with. She will call a friend get the pleasantries over with and then it's onto what she perceives is a problem that is creating noise in her mind. She will talk through what's going on being aware of what she is saying, how she is saying it, what feelings are arising as she is speaking. The awareness of hearing herself brings all the perspectives she needs to find clarity. The sounding wall helps to verbalise your thoughts that bounce back at you and allowing you to be aware of your thoughts in a truthful way helping with clarity, direction and understanding.

Ifriwarmi 💛🌈

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